Project: Coffeemania Neva restaurant in the business City Center
Location: Neva Towers Moscow
Year: September 2022
Area: 390 sq m
Photo: Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov
The Coffeemania Neva restaurant is located in Moscow-City with atypical skyscraper architecture and a frantic pace of life. Here, it was important for us that guests could relax and escape from the rapid flow of thoughts and activities in the noisy office jungle.
The concept of the restaurant is based on a prototype of elegant apartments that give you the feeling of visiting loved ones and being welcome. We wanted to immerse the guest in an atmosphere of tranquility in which he will enjoy his lunch hour or business meeting.
The interior is designed according to the principle of dividing the space into different zones: a living room as a center of attraction with a large art object by Lasvit and a central sofa area; cozy tables adjacent to table lamps and floor lamps, creating the appearance of an cabinet; and the heart of the apartment is a lively "kitchen" in the form of a huge bar counter lined with light travertine.