Coffeemania Mandarin Oriental
Project: Concept of Coffeemania Mandarin Oriental
Year: 2023
Location: Moscow
Area: 150 m2
A small cozy restaurant in the heart of the city on Sofiyskaya embankment. The main feature of this residential complex of Mandarin Oriental Holding is the view of the Kremlin. This is the most expensive and exclusive real estate in Moscow, making it an ideal setting for the Coffeemania brand.
The concept for the interior was to make something unique, completely new, and unusual. We used many handmade elements, such as the bar’s ceramic façade
with pearl inlay, wall panels made of sycomorus veveneer, hand-aged stone floor of 3 types of Travertine, and many of modern art in rhe space. The interior is elegant and evokes the mood of the coming spring.