Project: Sketch café,
familly bright restaurant in the city park
Year: 2021
Location: Moscow
Area: 450 m2
Photo: Polina Poludkina
Bright family restaurant in a city park with a summer terrace. We chose the path of a light interior - light colors combined with many warm textures and bright accents. The light embossed walls have a silver substrate that is shimmering in the sun. On the background of it the high-quality furniture like Danish chairs and custom made oak tables stood up as a bright accent. The decoration of the columns in bright blue glazed tiles gave the room a summer, marine mood. Everything is placed on a wide parquet board of a warm honey hue. A sea of ​​greenery with huge custom-made fabric lanterns creates a cozy atmosphere. Like rattan details, patchwork fabric pattern and painted custom made ceramic ware.