Project: Grechka Bakery,
renovation of old bakery «Titov & sons»
Year: 2019
Location: Moscow
Area: 100 m2
Photoshoot: Michail Loskutov
The bright unit with high ceilings is located in the revenue house that was built in 1914 and was historically preceded by a bakery of quite an enormous Moscovian chain ‘Titov and His Sons’. The building façade still retains an antique sign of 1920s. We tried to work with exceptional delicacy- by keeping and restoring what has been found under the layers of finishing material. We would like our guests to feel the space coming back to life.
We found it vital to integrate the elements with certain cultural reference. And this gave birth to the idea of chameleon hand-made encaustic tile at the cash desk. We also paid homage to the old Titov’s bakeries by placing the pastry rack in one of the storefronts. The central window, smothered with flowers,represents the wheat field and is the most photogenic spot of the bakery. The old archival pictures of the 1920s helped to bring bentwood chairs to the interior. The chairs along with textured walls evoke nostalgia.